Ink Blott Underground

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The Inklings’ underground kingdom is under threat from a sinister corruption! Explore the caves of the Inkling’s world with Blott in this action-based puzzle game. Help Blott collect crystals to reveal word stones and save the kingdom. In order to reach the crystals and bring their world back to life, you must use word parts to repair broken words and sentences.


  • Solve morpheme puzzles and collect all the crystals to unlock more levels
  • Progress through the levels for more challenging game play
  • Learn more than 100 “morphemes” (word parts) and how to use them
  • International Serious Play Awards – Gold Winner, Education

Learning objective:

  • Gain a deeper and faster understanding of words
  • Understand and experiment with prefixes and suffixes and learn their relation to root words
  • Improve word analysis skills

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