Cell Strike

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Take command of your immune system in this real-time strategy game set in a rich 3D environment! Your cells are under constant attack from bacterial invasion. Devise and execute your own tactics for success in the battle against bacteria and infection. Create your troops and wage war on bacteria! There are four units under your command. Your mission is to gather information, locate, study and then overcome the enemy.

  • ‘Engineer’ units are platelets, essential for healing wounds.
  • ‘Killers’ are the footsoldiers of the immune system, attacking bacteria to release antigens.
  • ‘Scouts’ gather these antigens as useful information then pass it on to specialists.
  • ‘Specialist’ units use the information to pinpoint weaknesses then wage war with superbugs.

Gain first hand experience of the ways our bodies overcome infection by exploring the human body beneath the skin. It’s up to you to observe how various parts of the immune system work together, then plan your strategy to conquer the invaders.

Learning objective:

  • Learn how the human immune system and its various leukocytes function.

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