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Captivate students with rich and vivid educational games that will keep them motivated to learn long after the lesson ends.

Our award-winning games are created by some of the world’s top game designers and leading academics, and are distributed by Amplify, which has supported more than 200,000 educators and 3 million students. The result is a suite of more than 30 games optimized for the iPad and designed to strengthen key skills in ELA and STEM.

And the best part? Students will love playing them. See what students say about our ELA games in the video below.

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Our Games

  • Are used with students grades 4-9 in schools across the United States and around the world.
  • Help build specific reading and writing skills, including syntax, vocabulary and spelling.
  • Come with a digital library of over 600 books, with built-in support for reading comprehension.
  • Introduce and reinforce key STEM skills in life science, physical science, factoring, order of operations, algebraic equations and binary math.
  • Enable self-directed learning for learners of all levels.
  • Allow students to play and learn together through multiplayer mode and secure community spaces.
  • Encourage students to keep trying without fear of failure. Mistakes are opportunities for discovery and improvement.

“It’s just like, the coolest, easiest resource for a teacher.”

Grade 6 ELA teacher

“They’re fun because it doesn’t even feel you’re learning while you’re playing them. It just feels like a regular game…I didn’t think that I’ve had a lot of fun doing math, but whenever I go on those games, it feels fun.”

Grade 6 student

Touch Press Games “helped me get along with people more because I can help them out and ask them questions. We help each other.”

Grade 6 student

Touch Press Games isn’t “like Flappy Birds or Flappy Golf what kids play…I can learn and gain skills instead of wasting my time on something that won’t really educate me as much.”

Grade 8 student

Touch Press Games are “helping me learn more and comprehend more than I already knew. … That’s what I like about the games. They challenge us to do more things.”

Grade 6 student

Reinforce Key ELA Skills

Touch Press’ ELA games foster critical skills and engage both struggling and advanced readers and writers with a range of targeted activities.

GameSpelling/MorphologySyntaxVocabularyWritingLiterary KnowledgeBackground Knowledge
Ink Blott UndergroundYesYesYes
Mukashi MukashiYes
Page InvadersYes
Sentence SensibilityYesYesYes
Shelf LifeYesYes
Spell TracerYes
Story CardsYesYes
The TomesYesYes
Twisted ManorYes
W.E.L.D.E.R. EduYes

Click here for more information about the learning objectives for each game.

Promote math and science proficiency for all students

Touch Press’ STEM games offer a wide range of math and science activities to engage students of varying abilities, helping both struggling and advanced students develop critical skills.

Science Skills

GameBiological Systems (Animal)Biological Systems (Plant)EcosystemsPhysical ScienceEarth Science
Cell StrikeYes
Planet PlannersYesYes
Sim CellYesYes

Math Skills

GameAlgebra / Foundations of AlgebraFractionsNumber and QuantityGeometryBinary
Crafty CutYes
Creature CubesYes
C0D3BR34K3RS (Codebreakers)YesYes
Hundreds EduYes
Mlob RuleYes
Phoenix ProtocolYes
Twelve A Dozen EduYesYes

Click here for more information about the learning objectives for each game.

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