Twelve A Dozen

Join Twelve in this award-winning puzzle-platform game. Journey through a universe of numbers and save Dozenopolis from the Ultimate Prime!

  • Winner – Develop 2015 – Best Education Game
  • British Academy (BAFTA) Games Awards 2015 Nominee – Best Family Game
  • Pocket Gamer Awards 2015 Nominee – Most Innovative Game

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the beginning thought processes of algebra.
  • Explore longer, more complex algebraic equations.

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9/10 – A brilliantly put together platformer with a mathematical twist.

Twisted Manor

If you are easily freaked out by creepy old houses, giant talking spiders, or disembodied monkey hands, be careful inside this sinister place. Use your keen eye, courage, and vocabulary in this dreadful adventure. Save your family in this hidden object puzzle game set in a bone-chilling haunted house. Featuring frighteningly wonderful graphics and an ominously atmospheric soundtrack!

Learning objective:

  • Build vocabulary through context clues and solving puzzles.

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Fight to be king of the (ant)hill in this award-winning real-time strategy game! Control a colony of Leafcutter ants in its struggle to flourish and reproduce. Balance limited resources, react to genetic mutations and fend off invaders—including your friends in multiplayer mode! Campaign through multiple levels set in unique environments, and fight epic battles for domination. Don’t just survive… thrive!

  • Best Gameplay Nominee – Games for Change Awards 2014
  • Shortlisted for Best Game with a Purpose, TIGA Games Industry Awards 2013

Learning objective:

  • Learn about the makeup of ant colonies including what they eat, how they reproduce and how they communicate via pheromones
  • Learn about natural selection

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Travel the world, including the rainforests of South America and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Learn wild animal and science facts as you solve challenging Match-3 style puzzles. Keep predators, prey and even fungi alive!

  • Gold Winner, International Serious Play Awards 2015 – Education K-12, Science

Learning objective:

  • Gain a better understanding of the food chain, the dynamism of animal populations and how other changes to the environment affect animal populations.

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Keep your ecosystems from crashing in this addictive puzzle game… It's so much fun that kids will beg for more time with this game.
Common Sense Media


Journey through the four kingdoms collecting powers, rainbow unicorn socks and other great loot. Words are your weapons as you battle zombies, goblins and an assortment of other unsavory creatures—including your friends! Slam your opponent with funny taunts using the words you spell!

  • Silver Winner – International Serious Play Awards 2015 – Education K-12, Literacy

Learning objective:

  • Practice spelling and expand vocabulary through exposure to words in context.

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You’ll have to move fast to stay one step ahead in this ultimate fast-paced code-breaking heist! Disarm math-based traps, dodge security guards and defeat a criminal mastermind. Hone your code-breaking talent by solving algebraic math puzzles.

  • Award Winner – International Serious Play Awards 2014 – Education

Learning objective:

Understand the four basic operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and use them to solve complex algebraic problems.

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Word welding just got more riveting! Swap letters and unlock new abilities to crack these word puzzles and become the world’s greatest word welder! Expand your vocabulary using the built-in dictionary—uncover definitions of words you never even knew existed! Create clever combos and use special abilities to multiply your score.

W.E.L.D.E.R. | SWAP is the latest FREE-to-try twist on the hit word puzzle game, W.E.L.D.E.R. (#1 iPad seller and Apple’s iPhone Game of the Week)!

Learning objective:

Improve spelling and vocabulary.

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Help Beambot bring light into deep space! Filter, reflect and split light waves as you solve intricate puzzles and restore inactive way stations along the intergalactic highway. Can you conquer 50 mind-bending levels to help Beambot succeed in his mission?

Learning objective:

  • Learn about various characteristics of light, and apply them in different ways.

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Crafty Cut

Geometry just got addictive in this swipe-to-cut puzzle game! Discover the secrets hidden within shapes in four different modes of gameplay. Slice and dice, rotate, combine and create. Win stars to progress through the levels from easy to tricky and even fiendish. Are you up to the challenge?

  • 4 stars – Common Sense Media
  • Silver Winner – International Serious Play Awards
  • Most Original Game, Shortlist – TIGA Games Industry Awards

Learning objective:

  • Understand the relationship between 3D polygons and 2D shapes
  • Understand the variety and types of polygons
  • Understand how to manipulate 3D objects to prepare for 3D geometry

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Addictive gameplay? Great graphics? Satisfying points and challenging levels? It's all here.
Common Sense Media

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